We are using an IDM driver for google apps, and since google apps does
not allow renames we are trying to do the following on a rename event:

1. Disable the current account at GA
2. Remove the association on the eDir account
3. "loop" it back around to create the user with IDM

I can do #1 and #2 fine, but can't quite figure out how to get it to
actually transform the rename to an add or if it is possible. I've
tried something like this:

if operation equal rename

do append XML element(name="add" expression="..")
do clone XPath (src-expression="@*"
do veto

which is a slight modification from what I've seen elsewhere in the
forums (with sync and move I think it was). I understand parts of it,
but am just modifying what I've seen and don't understand it

As it is above I get down to the add user and it complains that it
can't get a Surname off the object so it vetos it.

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