i started to bring out new driver-version for my AD-drivers (new ones
from head to toe). my first driverset i did had some work with and
wanted to ask if anyone has a more sneaky approach on achieving this.

- existing drivers in driverset > import in designer and stop all
- disable all drivers and deploy the change
- get all user and group objects which do have one or more
dirxml-associations-attributes for any driver (which serves one ou) via
ldapsearch (for a 16ad-drivers-driverset this means 16xldapsearch + 16
files to consolidate before i can build a ldif via xsl on base of that
- via imgr do rename all existing drivers (which results in change of
all associated objects)
- delete all drivers in designer, import preconfigured xmls for each
driver and deploy those to the driverset (with same name as old
- use master.ldif to delete all existing dirxml-associations and readd
former ones (which do correspond with the new driver by now).

some time later old drivers can be deleted, all dirxml-associations are
referencing the new driver.

better ideas to save some time?

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