IDM 3.0.1, Edir 88 Sp1, SLES 10.

I restarted my edirectory and now one of the drivers
(com.novell.nds.dirxml.driver.nds.DriverShimImpl) says

Driver: \TC-IV-WF\Turkcell\services\DriverSet\Fulfillment Checker
Status: Retry
Message: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused

Driver: \TC-IV-WF\Turkcell\services\DriverSet\Fulfillment Checker
Channel: Publisher
Status: Fatal
Message: Address already in use

I checked the driver settings and Authentication context is

And if i check port 10901 with "netstat -tulpan | grep ndsd", it seems
to be used by audit module (lcache) of edirectory.

tcp 0 0
tcp 0 0
ESTABLISHED 6728/lcache

Is there a way to fix this? Should i change port number in driver
settings? May be it'll be fixed if i restart edirectory, but this has
never happened before, so i doubt it.


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