Hi, IDM Guru,
I have a policy to do two things to provision Exchange 2007
(1) Disable a user mailbox.
(by using clear destination attribute value("homeMDB")
action. I am not sure that if there are any other ways to disable a user
mailbox through IDM driver policy actions. If there are other different
options, please advise me.)
(2) Convert this Mailbox user to a Mail User.
(by actions adding or modifying some exchange attributes'
values through IDM driver policy.)

Both actions can successfully convert a Mailbox User to a Mail
User, only if I run the same policy twice. The first time I saw the user
Mailbox was removed. The second time running, I saw an expected Mail
User was created in the Mail Contact tree.
From my observation, I think the (1) Disable a user mailbox and
(2) Convert Mailbox user to a Mail User actions can not be running at
the same time in a policy. The conclusion is that the converting actions
is a dependent policy to the Disable user mailbox. The policy got to
disable the user mailbox, before it could convert the user to a mail

Could you please help me to resolve this issue? I specifically
want to know if there are solutions to resolve this policy dependence
issue, or if I did something wrong, please correct me.

Please share you experience with us, If you have same problem
please reply the post too.

Thanks in advance.

Andrew Zou

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