Hi, jcourter,
Thanks for the help. It is real good information for me to finish
my assignment.
As I read some IDM_AD driver posts, I see you are a experienced
IDM driver guru. I hope I could see more information from you through
the forums.

Right now, our driver policy is able to to create new mail contact
users in Exchange 2007 server side. But I still have trouble to convert
a regulor Mailbox User to a Mail User (Mail Contact).
The problem is, to convert a Mailbox User to a Mail User, there
are following steps in one policy under sub channel.
(1) Remove the Mialbox (Action: clear destination attribute
value("homeMDB") )
(2) Add additional attributs' values for Mail User required

The problem is that while the policy call clear 'homeMDB' value.
This policy is no loonger able to modify Exchange attributes' values. In
my test cases, I have to waite the policy process to delete the user
Mailbox, then run another process to add required attributes' values for
Mail User.

This trouble means we can not convert a Mailbox user to Mail User
in one IDM policy process. What I have to do is:
Run the delete the user Mailbox policy, then after it is finished,
run the second driver policy to add the required attributes' values. We
wish there is a tip could help us to finish this task under one driver
policy. That means create a policy to remove the user Mailbox and
convert it to a Mail User.

Could you please help me to understand if there is a policy could
make the job done, convert the user type from Mailbox User to Mail User,
in one time with the IDM driver policy?

Many thanks in advanced.

Andrew Zou

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