Some additons:
You need to access the wpdomain directly, so one of the driver
configuration params is the path to the post-office.

Moving persons from one PO to annother does work only, if the PO's are
in the same GW-Domain.

The GCV's defined in the driver work fine.

DN's in GroupWise are formed as DOMAIN\LOCATION\POSTOFFICE

For distribution lists use the GW-Objectclasses, i.e. "GroupWise
Distribution List" and the NGW-Attributes, as predefined in the filter
and schema-mapping.

If you have the need for more GroupWise attributes than specified in
the default schema-mapping, just let me know, then I'll get to our
GW-guru to get it (we have it documented somewhere, I think).

Just keep an eye on the "mapping rule policies", this covers
GW-attributes that are different in various GW-versions.

Thanks, Rudi

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