I'm calling a stored procedure in Oracle from the JDBC driver. I'm
doing this call in the subscriber channel and while the call works just
fine, I get a warning sometimes in the driver trace of the following:

<status level="warning">Unable to retrieve metadata for
procedure/function 'xxxx.yyyyyyyy.aaaaaa'. Please check the
procedure/function name again and add a schema qualifier if necessary.
The absence of this metadata may affect this driver's ability to call
this stored procedure/function correctly.</status>
<status event-id="0" level="success"/>

I added a schema qualifier but it made no difference. I'm not a DBA, so
I don't know what this means. I asked the DB folks and they have no
idea what is meant by metadata. Can anyone tell me what this warning

The DB coders also claim that an out variable should be returned. I
added a place holder in the JDBC statement for it, but I never get any
output. They provided an example web for me showing that the output is
there. I just added a null param ( <jdbcaram/> ) to the end of my
call as the docs indicate. Any ideas?



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