I am using IDM 3.5.1 on Netware 6.5 and the remote loader on a 2003 DC. I wish to properly enable secure communications.

The admin guide provides instruction on exporting a self-signed certificate. Easy enough. I can export that to the 2003 server, specify SSL on it and point to the cert.b64 file. On the Driver config page I add kmo=mycert and enable SSL.

I think I'm missing a few steps. There is a section in the admin guide that mentioned creating a keystore for a JAVA shim. Do I need to run this? I don't think the RL is java.

In the Driver for Active Directory guide there is discussion of using my MAD certificate authority. I am confused as to the correct steps. Do I need to create another cert from my MAD certificate authority? Or do I need to import the cert I created for the Netware server running the metadirectory engine? I know it's something to do with certs, as I get the LDAP_SERVER_DOWN message on my dstrace screen.

Any suggestions appreciated.