Hi all,

Need some help on this one:
We have a SAP HR instance running on 64bit HP-UX. According to IDM docs,
this is not a supported configuration for the SAP HR IDM driver/remote
Also, the SAP HR driver doc, specifically says: "The SAP HR driver must
reside on the same server as the SAP HR application".

BUT, could it still be possible to have the SAP HR driver running on a
remote loader on a different server?
The idea behind this would be to have the IDM SAP HR driver running on a,
let's say, Windows or SLES remote loader machine, picking up the iDocs
there. This could happen in one of two ways: 1) have SAP publish iDoc
docs on a remote mounted share (Port Definition), or 2) Have the Windows
or SLES remote loader mount the HP-UX file system remotely containing the
iDoc files, or 3) (variation of 1) scp the iDoc files from SAP HR server
to the remote loader server

And on the subscriber channel, using BAPI, is it possible to host that on
a different server than SAP HR application itself?
The idea again is to use a separate supported remote loader to connect to
SAP HR remotely.
Is it sufficient to install the SAP Java Connector to have this working,
or are there other dependencies?


Toralf Lote