I'm *attempting* to use IDM Bundled edition 3.5.1 on my Netware and Windows 2003 servers. I have a small eDir and AD environment, and I am only concerned with account and password synchronization.

I'm a bit overwhelmed by the documentation so please pardon my ignorance.

I ran the install on my Netware server and the remote loader on the Windows DC. I think I configured the driver set properly within iManager, but an having a few other issues:

1. On the remote loader, I'm not sure how to configure. The admin guide isn't too helpful for a newbie (such as do I select a config file or create a new one?) I think it's configured the way it needs to be. The problem I have on this server is that I cannot get the remote loader to start. I select the "start" button in the GUI window, then it stops. The event logs indicate the command port is in use. However netstat -ano on the server does not indicate port 8000 is in use. Does the error mean the port is in use on the Netware server?

2. How do I stop/restart the service on Netware (from the server)? I am attempting to enable debugging logging so I can see what is happening.

Apologies if this seems basic. I wish Novell had a guide just for the Bundled Edition. The regular guides are a lot to go through for a simple sync.