Hi All

Apologies if this isn't the correct forum, but hopefully someone can
confirm or point me in the right direction with my query.

We are moving our IDM Server, NW eDir Server and AD Server to a new
hosting site over the w/e so need to update the IP Addresses etc so they
still work. Could I just confirm it is a case of:

1. Update the IP address details of the drivers for each in *iManager*,
so they point to the new addresses?

2. Change the IDM Linux box to it's new address through *ifconfig* and
use *route* to update the gateway and bring the interfaces backup?

3. Run *Inetcfg* on the NetWare eDir box and just run *pkidiag* etc
afterwards to fix the certificates?

4. Just update the IP address details on the AD Windows box and update
the *remote loader *details to the new IP Address?

If there is anything I have forgot, please let me know?

Many thanks in advance,

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