Probably doing something wrong, but I'm getting this when setting up an
extremely generic AD driver:

<status level="warning">Code(-8017) Operation vetoed by object creation

It's not telling me which creation policy, so poking into the Creation
Policies on the subscriber channel, nothing seems to fit on what's
failing. I'm suspecting userPrincipalName on not getting an
address added, but I'm not very sure on this.

Remote Loader has trace level 4 loaded, but I do not see any yellow or
red text in the trace dialog, just cyan and green, so I'm not sure what
I'm missing here.

Mostly just testing this sample driver from one OU in eDirectory to
another OU in AD, but being empty and being test OU's. I then created a
user in eDir, and if everything worked right, that user should pop into
AD. If I can get this to work, I'll scribble down precisely how I setup
the driver, and create a new one for the real deal.


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