We have a working scenario with an Identity fault with 3 Driver Sets.
Connected are an eDir for productive NetWare-Servers, ADS, Notes, some
databases and other systems.
The eDir2eDir is working on IDM2. Driverset im productive system is
running on NetWare with IDM2 and has only the eDir2eDir driver.
Driverset with eDir2eDir-driver in Identity Fault is also running on
NetWare with IDM2 and has additional (self) programmed Java-based
We need to use to IDM36 because we added Win2008 Servers and now we
need sync from Identity Fault to ADS.
Added new driverset to Identity Fault on SLES10SP1/eDir881/IDM36...
with ADS driver and Users are synced from eDir to Identity Fault and
from Identity Fault to ADS and also way back. But password from eDir
ends im Identity Fault until user make a login in Identity Fault on a
"newer" NMAS system, so that password is updated in Secret Store and is
synced to ADS.
So i think, we need to move eDir2eDir Driver in Identity Fault to a
Server running IDM>=35. If i add a IDM351 Server to the Driverset with
the eDir driver i see that also the other drivers gets modified. Thats
very critical.
We have about 2.000 Users in eDir and million of objects in Identity
Does anyone has expirience with a simmilar scenario or a tipp how i
should move the eDir driver.

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