I have an IDM 3.5.1 server running on SLES. I am trying to connect to a
Postgres DB on another system. On that system, the Administrator already
has a database and table they would like me to populate (Example: DB Name -
outside Table Name - person). I am trying to figure out the best way to
set this up. I have never worked with postgres before. Would direct or
indirect be the best way? I was thinking indirect would be the best way
since it sets up staging tables with all the naming conventions it needs. I
have successfully setup a JDBC driver for use with mySQL using direct mode
and have configured it to use existing tables, but it seems postgres is a
whole different beast.

Where I'm getting confused is how do I get it to actually populate the table
the Administrator wants populated instead of just having IDM create a
indirect.user table and sending all information there? It just seems like
I'm missing a big part of the driver configuration.

At this point I have not run the SQL script for postgres to create the DB
objects. Looking at the script, everything is written for a DB named "idm".
I'd like to run it against a DB named something other than "idm" if
possible. But like I said, my biggest problem is seeing how setting up
either mode (direct or indirect), would populate an already existing table.

Any help is greatly appreciated.