Hi All,

I now have my Corporate eDirectory syncing with my IDM Flat eDirectory
and then on to our Active Directory.

My last little problem is that we have some groups in eDirectory with
longish names where the first 20 characters are the same:

Application - Maps Manager (Defualt User)
Application - Maps Manager (Administrator) etc.

When we try to sync these groups we get an ldap already exists error as
the Pre Windows 2000 names end up being the same.

Can anyone tell me how I can change the Pre Windows 2000 line so that
it would be unique. I've had a look and at the moment it seems to set
the DirXML-ADAliasName of the group as the first 20 characters of the
Source Name. (I'm asuming this is the attribute for the Pre Windows 2000

I guess what I want to do is grab the first 16 characters of the source
name and then append a 4 digit counter to the end or something?

Any ideas how I could do something like this or point me towards a
guide that explains how to build these attributes?

Thanks in advance.


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