I have inherited the administration of a zenworks environment and am a
complete novice with its use.

We have an AD environment with Zenworks sitting on a seperate server.
We are using at least ID Manager 3 not quite sure with version.

We are experiencing problems after users have changed their password on
The Novell Zenworks Desktop Management username and password box is now
This is also happening for new users that have been created.
Existing users that have not chnaged their passwords do not have a

If i create a new user account this is replicated into eDirectory but
again when I logon with this new account it is presenting me with the
Novell user/pass box which i need to escape out of as it does not accept
the password created in AD.

Being a novice to this I'm unsure how it was originally configured and
how eDir ties into AD but the domain Administrator password was recently
changed around the same time as these issues started.

Is this just coincidence?


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