I have just started to write on a soap driver that was supposed to go
in production yesterday, I just love the deadlines in this business.

What I have is a web service that I will connect to and create / modify
user accounts.
I will only use the subscriber channel.
The product is called PortWise and uses WSDL.

I have a bunch of Java examples on how to connect and add users.
But how do I use them?
I know I don't have to use java, it could be any other language but
could I skip it all together and just use the methods directly in xslt ?
I guess I have to use xslt?

I attach an short java example of what the web service expects.

I have just installed the standard SOAP driver and thought that
modifying the SPML output transform to add the java commands could be
one way forward.

Not beeing a programmer, I would love some input on how to move


|Filename: Sample2.java.txt |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=2160 |

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