I need to migrate from Exchange 2003 CDOEXM mailbox provisioning to Exchange 2007 PowerShell provisioning for our existing AD driver. I was hoping for some feedback for the migration steps. Am I missing anything obvious? I just want to make sure I am not missing anthing obvious for this upgrade and would apprciate and insight people who have done the upgrade might have.

Thanks! -Jeff

1. Disable the rules reponsible for setting the homeMDB attribute so that new Exchange 2003 mailboxes are no longer created.

2. Stop the Active Directory Driver.

3. Uninstall Exchange 2003 managment tools from the Windows 2003 remoter loader server.

4. Install Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 or above on the remoter loader server (NET Framework version 3.0 SP1 is already installed so should be good to go).

5. Install Exchange 2007 Management Tools on the remoter loader server.

6. Issue the command InstallUtil IDMExService.exe to register the service and create the correct registry entries.

7. Start the IDM_AD_Ex2007_Service.

8. Search for the heading <header display-name="Exchange Options"/> in the driver configuation XML and replace the correlated XML tags with:
<definition display-name="Exchange Management interface type (use-cdoexm/use-post-cdoexm)" name="exch-api-type" type="enum">
<enum-choice display-name="use-cdoexm">use-cdoexm</enum-choice>
<enum-choice display-name="use-post-cdoexm">use-post-cdoexm</enumchoice>
<definition display-name="Allow Exchange mailbox move (yes/no)" name="exch-move" type="enum">
<definition display-name="Allow Exchange mailbox delete (yes/no)" name="exch-delete" type="enum">

9. Enable the new rules reponsible for setting the homeMDB attribute so that new Exchange 2007 mailboxes are created.

10. Start the Active Directory Driver.

11. Exchange 2007 mailbeoxes are created when the driver detectes the homeMDB value being set.