I'm new to Identity Manager, I've been on a novell course but it was a
cut down version which only dealt with eDir to AD sync which I can do

The problem I currently have is as follows. I have one server that is
in out main eDirectory tree, this is set is the authoritive source.
(This is a netware server running 3.5.1)

I also have a Suse Linux box running IDM 3.5.1 in it's own tree. I have
set up an eDir driver on each of the servers and both Users and Groups
are syncing from the Corp tree to the IDM tree. All apart from the

I have universal password enabled on both trees with identical password

Now i'm not sure if this is any help but here goes. I have a user on
the corp tree that has password set as 'password'. The password has not
syncronised to the IDM tree. If I check the password status on the IDM
tree it displays as not syncronised. If I now change the password on the
IDM tree account manually to also be 'password' it then says it is

It seems to me that the IDM tree can read the password from the corp
tree and knows when it is the same but will not actually set it.

Any ideas what could be causing this??

Only thing I though of is if it is anything to do with the fact that
i'm not syncing in both directions? could this cause the problem? If so
how easy is it to set this back to bi-directional without deleeing the

Thanks for any help.


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