I'm trying to check if specific classes are synchronized or not on one of the channels. From start I thought that would be an
easy task...

Getting the filter is easy, a query with ~dirxml.auto.driverdn~ as dest-dn. Base64 decode the attribute (DirXML-DriverFilter)
value and store it as a variable. exsl:node-set converts the string to a node set. But, it seems like it only contains one child
(filter) and nothing more. If I count number of children, count(exsl:node-set($dummy)) it gives me 1 but I can't get to the
filter-class nodes.
exsl:node-set($dummy)//filter/filter-class[1]/@class-name gives me nothing...
I've checked the base64 decoded filter with xsl:message and it looks ok. If I copy/paste the result from the trace to a xml
editor and tests the xpath it works.

I've done almost the same with the policy builder. Only difference is that I use XML Parse instead of exsl:node-set.

Any tips or suggestions?

Best regards,