We are seeing inconsistent results with password sync from one of our
domains to e-directory. This domain has 2 AD drivers running against
it, one for AD and Exchange 2003 and another specifically for Exchange
2007. These remote loaders are running on a member server (Non domain

Most of the time password sync works well but we experience
intermittent failures. When there are failures, we can see the changes
sitting in the registry on the host AD DC. They seem to be stuck and
never propagate until after a period of time the changes simply
disappear from the registry but never get synced.

Any thoughts? Is it possible the 2 RLs in the domain are stepping on
each other? is there a mechanism to ensure one or the other does the

This is IDM 3.51 RLs are same version. We are using SSL between IDM
engine and RLS and between RLs and AD.


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