I have scoured the forums and even called Novell for help with this one
and just cant seem to get the right person(s) on the phone or in an

I am trying to use the LDAP driver to connect my Identity Vault to
Apples Open Directory. I am getting and Invalid DN Syntax or Unable to
Retrieve Application Schema.

I can connect with LDAP Manager (mac ldap browser app) using Digest as
the authentication method, but not with Simple as the authentication
method. I cannot connect with softerra or idm. I have tried to change
some things in the apple servers open directory setup.. but I know
little about it. I am running OSX Leopard 10.5.

I am trying to sync users from an edirectory tree into Apples Open
Directory for authentication to macs and to get apple policies via the
workstation manager to the macs in our environment for a little more
control over our macintosh workstations. (and also use oes2sp1's AFP
architecture for file sharing from some oes linux servers).

Any help would be appreciated.


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