I try to assign Exchange Mail box entitlement to user in a particular
group on active directory, but I was found that I can't search attribute
in entitlement driver policy configuration (in iManager). My IDM
environment comsists of IDV(eDirectory), Active directory as connected
system and Delimited text as a source. The Users data comes from source
and push into IDV then provisioning to AD, user entitlements assign to
user by policy configuration on Entitlement driver. Every entitlement
comes from active directory can configure properly on Entitlement driver
policy configuration except Exchange mail box Entitlement. The problem
is when configure Exchange Mail box entitlement on Entitlement driver ,
compare with "group entitlement" that have similar process
configuration, Query For Entitlement Values for "Exchage Mail box
entitlement" can't find attribute value from the class
*-msExchgPrivateMDB-*. I already refresh for application schema but
nothing change. It's look like entitlement driver policy configuration
don't know the class *-msExchgPrivateMDB-* specify in query parameter.
Please any one tell me is there any additional configuration to solve
this problem.

For additional information: I create Entitlement in designer and do
every things about schema on designer.


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