I don't know if this issue is related to the fact that I have the wrong
DN or it's a pre-req that I did not satisfy, but I'll explain my

-3.6 AD driver on a RL on a W2k8 64-bit box
-Exchange server and AD server are 2 separate servers
-Installed the IDM_EX_Service and satisfied the prereqs
-Set only the homeMDB attribute in the CT policy that adds it after the
current operation
-DN of mailbox is full dn from CN=Mailbox Database....DC=xxx,DC=com
-Driver running with user that is both AD and Exchange Admin
-Tested command with Windows Powershell successfully

Basically everything works fine up to the mailbox creation, where it
returns an error saying the Mailbox was not found.

<nds dtdversion="1.1" ndsversion="8.7">
<product asn1id="" build="20080822_140000"
instance="\xxx\IDV\SERVICES\AD Driver Set\AD Test Driver"
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<add-association dest-dn="\xxx\IDV\USERS\ACTIVE\newtest2"
event-id="P01IDVAULT#20081231010306#1#2">03e54b502bfd404 7bf81ab2b65929a39<operation-data
unmatched-src-dn="CN=newtest2,OU=ACTIVE,OU=USERS,O=IDV,T=PCBIDV "/>
<status event-id="P01IDVAULT#20081231010306#1#2" level="success">
<status event-id="P01IDVAULT#20081231010306#1#2" level="error"
text1="Post CDOEXM" type="exchange">Exchange 2007 Exception.
code:0x00000112 Error completing exchange 2007 command. ERROR: Database
"xxx\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database" was not found. Please make
sure you have typed it correctly.<operation-data

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