I apologize for the length of this, I do want to make sure I have all
steps in place. I have tested this procedure on some lab servers, and
everything worked.

Upgrading the IDvault from Idm 3.5 eDirectory 8.8 SP2 to Idm 3.6
eDirectory 8.8 SP3. Servers are mix of NetWare and Sles, there are 2 of
each OS.

Here are my steps:
1) Install a new Sles server with 8.8 SP3. Should I upgrade my existing
servers to SP3 first? I did not want to do that in case there was a
problem. I am trying not to touch the existing servers yet.

2) Install Idm 3.6 on the new server and add this server to the Driverset

3) Gradually start moving drivers over to this server.

4) Important question: Will I be able to move the drivers back to the Idm
3.5 servers should something fail? At this point I have not upgraded the
driver yet per the documentation. That is one thing I did not test. When
starting a driver for the first time after moving dstrace did give some
messages regarding default values be set, I assume that was because the
Idm 3.6 engine was looking for some parameters not in the Idm 3.5 engine.

5) Once I run in this configuration for awhile, I will start upgrading
the existing servers to 8.8 SP3 and Idm 3.6. I will then start moving the
drivers back.

6) Once all the drivers are back on their "home" server, I will upgrade
the driver to Idm 3.6 per the documentation with Designer.

7) Remove the new server from the Tree

Any point in this I can get myself in trouble? I pieced this together
through reading the forums and stitched together this scenario from
several threads. I am going for a seamless migration, and also the
ability to fall back to Idm 3.5 should a driver just not work properly.