So I have this whole series on Toolkit rules going on Cool Solutions...

(I think the last one might not be published yet... Wait, it is in the

One of the things I do a lot of in that model is build a nodeset into a
variable, and for-each through it.

Was talking with a friend about handling a multi million object case (6+
million) and clearly at about 10K a node in a node set, that ain't gonna
scale till 64 bit eDir/64 bit IDM and craploads of RAM. (I think would
need close to 65 Gigs of RAM!)

So the Query token rocks, and can do a query-x which is a paged query,
i.e. send me X number of results in each page. VERY useful!

But can I iterate in a for-each through a query-x result?

My feeling is no, since the Query does not really end until all the
results are returned...

Looking for interesting thoughts if you have em...