Weird one !

Pub channel on JDBC Driver -

Engine goes through matching rule - finds a match - then :
12/13/08 17:41:07.218]:ARM PT:A match found, using
[12/13/08 17:41:07.225]:ARM PT:Merging eDirectory and application values.
[12/13/08 17:41:07.225]:ARM PT:Reading relevant attributes from

Fine - expected - query goes out - including attributes that the
application is set as merge auth for in filter.

Query results come back - as expected - then
[12/13/08 17:41:07.236]:ARM PT:Reading relevant attributes from

Query sent to eDir - attributes it's using ??? Don't have any idea where
the attr query list comes from - has some of the attrs from filter -
some from current doc ??

Problem is that the second query result is then used to merge attrs ?

My understanding is that what should happen is - based on the attr set
in the add doc - the filter is looked at - those attr's with "appl" or
default as "merge authority" should be queries - then the query is built
using this attr set - those values in eDir diff to add doc - will get
overwritten if merge authority set to "application"

End result is that the current mechaism is not merging with correct
"authority" ??

Any one seen this / help !??

Confused !