Regarding eDir to OID synchronization via an LDAP driver:

I'm an IDM 3.5.1 novice, but Iíve gotten an LDAP driver working for OID
based on Michael Bluteau's appnote. The major deviation from his app
note is that I am only doing a one way push from IDM / eDir to OID. One
other exception is that I added synchronization of an attribute (via the
Sync Filter and Schema Map), from eDir to OID via the subscriber
channel. More specifically Iím trying to sync the login disabled
attribute to OIDís orclisenabled attribute, which isn't working properly
as the data needs to be transformed between the two environments.
Searching the internet I stumbled across a write up regarding this
authored by Jim Willeke.

Michael Bluteauís appnote: 'Cool Solutions: AppNote: Using IDM to
Synchronize with Oracle Internet Directory and Integrate Multiple Oracle
Databases' (
Jim Willekeís document: 'ldapwiki: LogindisabledAndOrclisenabled'

My questions are: Do I need to change anything in Jim Willeke's
provided example. I ask becaues it refers to the publisher channel
(which would be OID to IDM), where I am trying to sync over the
subscriber channel (or IDM to OID).

Where would the be the best place to put this policy? Iím guessing the
Output Transformation policy.

Or is there a better way to do this with IDM 3.5.1 and or 3.6

Thanks for any an all help

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