i was digging through the forum but not able to find an answer to what
i have seen:

im working on my first driver from scratch (based on notes-driver
3.5.1) which i want to only work on the publisher-channel to pull in
some attributes to edir.

<filter-attr attr-name="Given Name" merge-authority="edir"
publisher="sync" subscriber="ignore"/>
<filter-attr attr-name="Internet EMail Address" merge-authority="app"
publisher="sync" subscriber="ignore"/>
<filter-attr attr-name="Surname" merge-authority="edir"
publisher="sync" subscriber="ignore"/>

in a matching policy i am looking for another attribute in the
src-notes-db (do-find-matching-object with the not-defined attr). the
matching only works when this attribute is present in the filter, at
least with notify on the publisher-channel.

while documentation does not state that: 'Novell Documentation'
(http://tinyurl.com/6yse2s), is it necessary to have all attributes in
the filter, who need to be accessed via any policy (im not interested
in changes of that attribute, just need for matching)?

thanks in advance

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