I have just been given the task of switching our email from an off site
solution to Microsft Exchange in house. We are a 100% novell shop so
this is going to be a new thing all the way around for me. In talking
with people from MS, I have been told the setup on their side to work
with Novell would cost at least $35,000 and more realistically run
around $50,000 to get in by January 1. So I have tried to talk with some
novell platinum partners around here and have been given the cold
shoulder because of Exchange. It is not my choosing, but it is my job.
So I am trying to find out how to introduce an exchange server running
on windows 2008 server into an existing edirectory tree so that
edirectory and Microsoft Active Directory can function together. I know
places are doing it, but can anyone lead me to some information on how
to actually accomplish this.

Our network at this point consists of 4 sites running predominently
SUSE10 OES2. We have a could of Netware 6sp5 boxes in place as well.
This will be our first windows server of any kind.

Thanks, David

PS: I was told this would be the best place to post this so it is a
repost. I apologize to those offended by reading it twice, but I am
trying to make sure I am talking with the correct experts.

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