Hi There,
I have recently joined an organisation that is using Zenworks to deploy
applications to users, but I know very little about Novell.
There is an application called DirXML running on the primary DC, which
is windows 2000. This seems to replicate changes that are made in AD to
eDirectory (not used the other way around). It has been working fine for
However, we recently put a 2003 DC into the domain (to support Exchange
2007), and now the password synchronisation between AD and eDir isn't
working. I think this only affects users who's logon was authenticated
by the 2003 dc, and who then change their password.

Can anyone tell me how I can fix it?? Please?

I have found
but honestly this makes very little sense to me, and seems to deal with
passwords being synchronised from eDir to AD, but I need to do it the
other way around.
Any suggestions appreciated,

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