I've been doing some bulk loading of Exchange 2000 mailboxes. I'm using
the Remote Loader running on a member server (Windows Server 2003 SP2).
I'm also using what I believe is the latest AD driver patch ( IDM
3.6/3.5.1 Active Directory Driver Version 3.5.4 Patch 1 20080822). This
is an IdM 3.5.1 environment.

What I notice is that when I start the RL, the Page File on the Windows
box is at about 330MB. After I push through about 1000 mailbox creates,
the page file usage (as shown in task manager) balloons to about 1.8GB!
What is troubling is that it never comes back down. The Page File
continues to grow and Windows expands the page file size. The only way
to get it to go down is to unload the RL and reload it.

I know the AD RL has been prone to memory leaks in the past, I'm just
wondering if this is normal behavior or is this a bug? Are there any
fixes on the horizon? Thanks.


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