Novell Identity Manager 3.6
Domino 8 on SLES SP2
IDM Notes Driver Sync Setup ( Domino to IDM) Only Publisher Active.

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We had a Notes Domino running on the Windows Server for some months
back, that is now migrated to the SLES 10 SP2 and Domino Server Version
has been upgraded to Domino 8.

With Earlier Setup, We had a Novell Notes IdM driver (3.0.1) running
fine. with IDM version was 3.0.1. The setup was using Remote Loader

after Domino Upgrade and to support Domino8 with IDM Notes Dirver , we
have installed new IDM 3.6 server on SLES 10 SP2 and have installed
Remote Loader on Domino 8 Server(SLES 10 SP2).

The Remote Loader installation and conifiguration of Notes Driver Shim
has been done as its documented. NDSREP has been setup on the Domino

The "Notes Driver Configuration" is not upgraded.

Current status;

The Notes Driver Starts Normally and Connects to Database.
The Remote Loader Starts Normally
Migrate into Identity Manager on the Notes driver works fine.

But ndsrep cannot push data to Remote Laoder Cache. and comes with
following error:

:59:06 NDSREP - NOTES: Note
SOME_NOTES_ID changed on :58:38 CET
by a MODIFY event
:59:06 NDSREP - NOTES: Checking for a loop condition
:59:06 NDSREP - NOTES: Loop Detect ID is
:59:06 NDSREP - NOTES: Note
(SOME_NOTES_ID) was updated by cn=someotheruser
:59:06 NDSREP - NOTES: No loop exists for Note
:59:06 NDSREP - NOTES: Beginning Class determination
for Note (SOME_NOTES_ID)
:59:06 NDSREP - NOTES: The FORM item was used to
determine Note (SOME_NOTES_ID) is of type Person
:59:06 NDSREP - NOTES: Searching filter for Class
Person on Note (SOME_NOTES_ID)
:59:06 NDSREP - NOTES: Note
ISN'T IN THE FILTER * :59:06 NDSREP - NOTES: db/CustomerDB.nsf last
time/date = :59:06 CET
:59:06 NDSREP - NOTES: 1 entries found, 0 updated
:59:06 NDSREP - NOTES: NDS Replication complete

We have checked the "dsrepcfg.nsf " from Notes Client, it has the righ
Filter settings and its updated.

And this is TELL NOTES ShowConfig Says:

:30:57 Remote console command issued by SOME_NOTES_USER: tell NOTES
tell NOTES showconfig
:30:59 NDSREP - NOTES: == NDSREP v3.5.2 ==
:30:59 NDSREP - NOTES: == Current Configuration ==
:30:59 ndsrep is running
:30:59 trace level is VERBOSE
:30:59 NSF used as Domino Directory is db/CustomerDB.nsf
:30:59 Directory Update DB is ndsrep.nsf
:30:59 Publisher filter found
:30:59 LOOPDETECT is enabled
:30:59 Loop Detect is looking for
:30:59 Replication process is scheduled every 30 SECONDS
:30:59 AUTOREFRESH is enabled
:30:59 db/CustomerDB.nsf is not a Notes Directory
:30:59 DN Format is SLASH
:30:59 NDSREP is not writing timestamps on processed notes
:30:59 NDSREP is publishing all attributes in publisher filter
:30:59 NDSREP completed the last update on :24:06 CET

Both dsrepcfg.ntf and dsrepcfg.nsf are in the notesdata directory on
the server.

Any Help Guys



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