I am trying to automate the creation of entries in the Address Book for
duplicate names. I have been asked to use the Unique Org field,
however, the Notes administrator does not want have to certify the ou
container. For example, John Smith would be created as cn=John
Smith/ou=Finance/o=Notes while an existing user would be cn=John

The user can be created manually in Notes and anything can be entered
as the Unique org. I am having trouble determining which attributes to
use. I have tried using fullname, but the ou=Finance is not being
included when an attempt is made to register the user.

Also, it doesn't seem right to be using a Unique org that isn't really
an OU. I can standardize the name by using the user's department name,
however, the ou=<department_name> doesn't really exist. If I search on
the user using ldap, I can specify various attributes and the values are
returned, but get an error that the entry can't be found when using the
complete DN string.

Can anyone tell me the implications of using ou=<department_name> if
the ou is not certified? (I know this is more of a Notes issue). If it
isn't a problem, can anyone tell me which attributes I should be using
to create the user in the Address book so that the ou is included?

Thank you,


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