Novell Identity Manager 3.6
EDIR 8.8 SP3

Im trying to configure Notes driver With Domino 8 Server on SLES 10


When i read the Notes driver implementation documentation(IDM 3.6), it
says somthing on Page 19 ( Installing the Driver Files):

3.Copy the following files from where they are installed
(/usr/lib/dirxml/rules/notes or /opt/novell/eDirectory/lib/dirxml/rules)
to the location where you intend to launch your driver on the Domino
server, such as /local/notesdata.

If i understand right, so Starting only Remote Loader itself will
start the Notes driver shim, and not these scripts????.

And if these scripts will start the Remote Loader, why then one should
put these scripts into Domino Server Data Folder location

isn't it good idea to place them where the Novell remote loader is
installed ??


Will the Old Notes Driver Configuration file will work the new Notes
Driver shim?. Actually we have a Notes Driver Configuration file from
IDM 3.0.1, which we now want to use with Domino 8. We have installed a
seprate new IDM 3.6 server, will this config fil will work ? or should
we have to upgrade Notes driver configuration file inorder to work with
Domino 8?

We do want to use any new functions in the Domino8.

please help with the undersanding..



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