I am trying to accomplish this but with an IDM 3.5.1 system when I clear
the attribute and delete the state_*.xml file on the remote loader the
system is synchronizing User add events from a long time ago.

The customer had an issue with the AD account having Domain admin
rights so I sent them a copy of the document section that talked about
setting specific rights needed. They missed the part about setting the
read synch rights. So they havent been seeing changes coming from AD
for months. They called me and when I looked into it and found out what
was wrong it started to synch everything that was not synched for the
last few months. They wanted to start over from this point forward.
when I followed your instructions though it isn't just synchronizing new
events its grabbing system accounts that were created when the AD domain
was first built and that havent changed at all and trying to send them.

What else am I missing?

Father Ramon;497807 Wrote:
> There is not a cache per se on the publisher channel. Changes on the
> publisher channel for the AD driver are kept track of by AD and
> requested by the driver via an LDAP extension. There is a tracking
> cookie that is returned by AD that is used to keep track of the which
> changes have already been seen. You can clear this cookie by stopping
> the driver and removing the DirXML-DriverStorage attribute from the
> driver object. If you are using the Remote Loader, you will also need
> to
> remove a file that is usually kept in the c:\novell\RemoteLoader
> directory whose name is state_*.xml where * is a string that is
> derived
> from the DN of the driver object. Resetting the cookie will cause the
> driver to ignore any changes that happened before the next time you
> start the driver.
> --
> Father Ramon
> quilted@email.com wrote:
> > Is there such a thing as a cache on the publisher channel of an AD

> driver?
> >
> > We have a large number of AD moves that have taken place that we want

> to
> > ignore.
> >
> >

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