Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use an Oracle JDBC Driver, between IDM 3.6 and Oracle

My driver is nearly ready on the publisher channel, i had to adapt the
install script to my tables, but now it nearly works !
But here is the trouble, i tried the subscriber channel and it doesn't
work cause the driver doesn't find anymore some tables.
Regarding this tables, i know why they're missing : i didn't create
cause i simplified the sql installation script to fit with my case which
is much more simple (only users, no groups or foreign keys and others
tables like the tel or fax).
I configured the driver as well as i could but it keeps asking me for
olds tables :s is there a way to use this driver for my own tables?
(that'd sound normal use)
or is the stuff hardcoded into the driver, which is kind of
embarrassing to adapt the driver to my case? :s

Here is the error i get:

Unable to initializae subscriber. An error was encountered while parsing paramater 'key-gen'. A syntax error exists at character position 34 beginning at substring '("indirect.proc_idg(ifg)")'
... etc, which is kind of normal since proc_idg doesn't exist, but can i
get rid of this and how?

Thanks for support,

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