I've been trying to find the best way to handle Exchange 2007 mailbox
placement. I basically have a bunch of MDBs that I want to assign my
users to. At first, I did a kind of random placement using some
ECMAscript (I posted about it back in Sept. I think) but I really wanted
something more deterministic to balance the load.

So I discovered the homeMDBBL attribute on each mailbox database. It
basically has a listing of all the users who have mailboxes on that MDB.
I query for that, get a list, grab a count of the nodeset using XPath,
and then figure out which one has the smallest membership list and put
the user there.

It seems to work ok, but the bad thing is that I end up getting back
the entire membership list of each MDB which can get quite long. I'm
concerned on bigger MDBs that may become a performance issue.

Any better ideas? Thanks.


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