I would like to set the HTTPPassword to a random generated value at a
user ADD operation to Notes, but I can't quite get it to work. At the
same time I want the ID file password to be something else.

Password sync from IDV has been disabled. If I add
"default-http-password" and "default-password" to the Subscriber
parameters of the driver, I'm able to set the passwords and set them to
different values.
If I, however,remove "default-http-password" from the Subscriber
parameters, and set it in a policy instead, the user ends up with the
same HTTPPassword as the ID file password:

<do-set-xml-attr expression="../add[@class-name='User']" name="default-
<token-local-variable name="varHTTPpwd"/>

I have also tried setting the HTTPPassword in a policy with no luck.
<do-set-xml-attr expression="../add[@class-name='User']"
<token-local-variable name="varHTTPpwd"/>

The Input doc to the driver looks like this (NB! removed non-relevant
<add allow-adminp-support="true" allow-http-password-set="True" default-
http-password="BC1955" internet-password-force-change="false" tell-adminp-
process="tell adminp process new">
<add-attr attr-name="CN">
<value naming="true"

Am I missing something, or have I used the wrong XML attribs?
Any help appreciated

Toralf Lote