Windows Server 2003 R2
Novell Identity Manager 3.6
eDirectory 8.8 SP3

Text phrase from ID-Provider driver documentation (IDM3.6):

"There are many different reasons why you would want to use the ID
Provider driver. For example:

Š For administrators it is convenient to have one basic ID for
each objects in the system, and to have complete control of the ID. No
other system can change this ID."

My Questions:

For Complete Control of IDs: Can I query ID-Provider Server(RMI) to
give me report for which users has which IDs generated and their
ID-policy names? and info about which Attribute name has been used to
store that ID info on the user in IDVault?

No Other System Can Change this ID: If Somone or anyother system
Change the ID-Provider generated ID on a User in the Identity Vault,
will ID-Provider Server know this change and will write back the ID that
ID-Provider driver knows for this user?


What if somone deletes the user from the Identity Vault, and recreates
the same user with same info in IDVault, Will then user get a new ID
from the ID-Provider or ID-Provider recognize this user as previous
user, and alots him the previous generated ID???

For me so long, it looks like this that this driver (Utility wise) has
no unique functionality when comparing simple UniqueName() function in
the Identity Manager.. so why would one will use this Driver ?

It looks like this *it is not a ID-Provider, but a Simple Unique digit
provider*, so why would we call this driver ID-provider ?

Please correct my understandings if I'm thinking wrong.



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