Novell Identity Manager 3.6
Windows Server 2003 R2
eDirectoy 8.8. SP3


I want to develop a ID-policy based on followin rules:


And these policies will be consumed by ID-Client(Identity Manager).

So long , I have created ID Provider-driver, and configured it to be
run as a RMI server (without ID Generation-Map) and Without defining
Attributes in the ID-provider driver Filter.

And I have created a NULL driver with some policies which invokes
id:getNextID() method to get a Unique ID for newly created users.

But my problem is that, How can I define ID-Policy which will always
contain a StaticPrefix-First Letter of User
FirstName.FirstLetterofSurname-AutoIncrement Number?

As I understand, so The ID-policies only supports


Has anyone solution to it?



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