Did you get an answer to this question of yours regd future handling??
Can you please share with me the answer if you have found it.

r_ta@libero.it;1388581 Wrote:
> Dear all,
> Iím using the Novell Nsure Identity Manager Driver for SAP* HR and Iíve
> to
> manage future-dated iDocs processing.
> In particular I would like to better understand what happens in the
> following situation; suppose I have an iDoc produced because of
> change,
> for a person, that is going to happen in a future date (letís say next
> February 4-th). For the way it is configured, my SAP HR driver will
> put
> this segment of the iDoc in a file with extension Ď.futrí processing it
> as
> soon as the current date is February 4-th. What happens if, in the
> mean
> time, another iDoc is produced to correct the same attribute with a
> date
> that comes before February 4-th (letís say Januray 30-th)?
> I think that the SAP HR driver will process this last iDoc first (as
> soon
> as the current date is January 30-th), but it will process also the
> iDoc
> due for February 4-th overwriting the correct date (January 30-th) with
> an
> obsolete one (February 4-th). Is this behaviour correct? Is there
> something I can configure to avoid the second processing ?
> Thanks,
> feynman

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