Hi all,

I am about to upgrade a IDM setup for one of my customer. His current
setup is

Vault tree- single server
SLES9 ,edir and IDM version 3.0

production tree:-SLES9 OES1 edir 8737

Curretnly vault has a LDAP driver running which is connected to
OID-ORACLE database version 10g. The other driver is connected to the
production edir tree which is running on SLES9 OES1 and eDir

Now we are going to do a hardware migration of all these servers and CU
wants to implement a driver for their new installation of Ms Exchange
2007 and MAD, and needs to create one more LDAP driver for their new
OID-ORAcle RAC setup(which is used for different purposes than the
previous one).

So I am planning to install SLES10SP2 on the new server and install
eDir 88sp2 on it and install it into the vault tree. Then shuffle the
replicas and promote the new server as the Master replica holding server
for all the partitions. Then install IDM 3.5 and create a new driver for
MS Exchange. Then create a new LDAP driver for Oracle and deploy it on
the new IDM 3.5 server and disable the old driver. I also have to create
a new driver for the new oracle database.

Then I will migrate all the production servers to OES2 which are
curretnly running on the production tree. After that I will create the
new edir to edir driver for production tree. Once that goes fine, I will
remove the old IDM server and all of my old production servers.

Does this looks a decent plan?.I want to know your expert opinions on
this plan. Is there something I will have to worry about?.Also is it OK
to have different versions of IDM and edir (though it is only there for
this transitional period, say maximum 3 weeks) on the same setup?.

Please let me know your thoughts on it

Thanks in Advance,


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