Hello all,

I'm desperately trying to get a null driver to do the following : if a
given attribute changes to a given value, then the driver should add an
ACL on the source object for the [Public] trustee. Specifically, the
action I'm using is :

<do-add-src-attr-value name="ACL">
<arg-value type="structured">
<arg-component name="protectedName">
<token-text xml:space="preserve">[Entry Rights]</token-text>
<arg-component name="trustee">
<token-text xml:space="preserve">[Public]</token-text>
<arg-component name="privileges">
<token-text xml:space="preserve">0</token-text>

I get the following message in the driver trace :

Message: Code(-9010) An exception occurred: novell.jclient.JCException: modifyEntry -601 ERR_NO_SUCH_ENTRY

Please note that the same driver works OK when using a DN as the
trustee. The "no such entry" error does NOT refer to the source object
DN. Things are OK on that side.

Obviously it is the "[Public]" text token that is not properly
recognized by eDir through the driver. I know, I know, [Public] is not
an object and so on, but still, there are default ACLs in eDir for a few
non-object trustees. I'd be surprised to learn that one can't add
similar ACLs as needed.

My question is : what token should I use in order to set an ACL with
the [Public] trustee.

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