I'm looking to schedule a dsrepair -rc job to run automatically on a
weekly basis. I wanted to check with others to see if anyone can see a
problem with running this on servers that are also running IDM. I'm
concerned about what may happen if IDM's text delimited or eDir driver
are attempting to do something when the scheduled dsrepair job kicks off
and locks the database.

Our home grown student information system delivers csv files via nfs
(these files can be delivered at any time, 24 hours a day). The IDM
text delimited driver then processes them into an eDir vault. From
there the IDM eDir driver synchronizes things over to our production

Is anyone else running automated dsrepair -rc on servers that also run
IDM? Any issues - does anyone see any potential problems with doing
this? Are the IDM drivers (text delimited and eDir) robust enough to
deal with the issue of eDir being locked and trying again?



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