Hi I am setting up a jdbc connection to a MS sql200o database. I have
done one before to MS SQL though not sure of the version.
I have taken the tables and triggers that I used before and were
working for a starting position into this project.
Present problem. I have got an insert from my intemediate table and
have the driver deleting the row when processed, that is now working.
When I update this new user from console one I get an error. cannot set
event time in event process as null not allowed??
I did not think on the subscriber side it used the event log is this
If it requires this to happen how or where do I set it up.

From the last time I did this I have found a number of differences, my
original insert trigger did not define a time, I set the status column
to default as 'N', and did not have to do anything on the subscriber
Any help appreciated.

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