I have IDM version 3.0.1 running on two NetWare 6.5 server (Seperate trees
and SP levels are SP5 and SP6) and have now started using iManager 7.

Administration of these IDM drivers (they link our eDir tree to our A.D.
domain) has been very minimal over the last two years, we typically only
have to stop/start the drivers for certain tasks.

1) Can I use my iManager 7 with the 3.6 IDM Plug-in to fully administer our
IDM 3.0.1 system?

2) If not fully, can you confirm that basic driver Start/Stop tasks,
Certificate recreation tasks (ie. "NDS-to-NDS Driver Certificates" wizard)
are OKay to do?

Yes, we plan on updating to the latest IDM version, we simply haven't been
able to give it priority.