I have a annoying issue which I am seeing if there is an easy way to
resolve it.

I have two object classes, a user and a position, when a user is
updated to have certain value it needs to update the position object in
the vault, which works fine, however then I would like to pick up that
event of the modify to the position object and process that also down
the subscriber.

Because this is on the same driver the loopback prevention doesn't pick
up the event to be processed again.

I was trying to use the XdsCommandProcessor to send a message to the
srcCommandProcessor of the sync. But that doesn't work, and I get this
in the trace:

[11/13/08 16:49:06.329]:AD Driver ST:
<nds dtdversion="3.5" ndsversion="8.x">
<sync dest-dn="CUSTOMER\Positions\12345"/>
[11/13/08 16:49:06.329]:AD Driver ST: Pumping XDS to
[11/13/08 16:49:06.329]:AD Driver ST: Processing
returned document.
[11/13/08 16:49:06.329]:AD Driver ST: Processing
operation <status> for .
[11/13/08 16:49:06.329]:AD Driver ST:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \VAULT\SERVICES\DirXML Driver Set\AD Driver
Channel: Subscriber
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9038) Element <sync> found under <input> is not

Any ideas how I could kick off a resync on an object on the same
driver, without having to have a loopback driver picking up the event
and restamping it to have the source driver kick it off. Tried both
src-dn or dest-dn, neither work for the DN (and the object is
unassociated at the moment)

Any suggestions?

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