-eDir 8.8.2 ftf2 and IDM 3.5.1 in both trees.
-Approx. 240,000 users in both trees.

I need to move an eDir driver from one driverset to another in my IDV
tree, and I'm fishing for suggestions / best methods / easiest methods.

Obviously when copying the eDir driver to the new driverset in the IDV
tree, I will lose associations in IDV. And, of course, the associations
in the remote eDir tree will remain the same.

I've done a little testing on this in my Dev environment, and I've
found that the matching policy seems to take care of re-associating the
user accounts and merging attributes (if necessary). An added bonus,
from what I've seen and read, is that with IDM 3.5, the password is also
merged. Cool!

Turning off the old driver, and turning on the new driver (without user
associations) appears to work, but I want to ask the experts and see if
there is some factor I'm not considering.

I'm fairly new to this...


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