Forgive me if this question is silly or totally off topic.

I have been enjoing using all sorts of ecma script stuff in my IDM
drivers. Now I have run into this issue.

It seems that XMLHttpRequest is not supported (maybe it's not in the
ecma standard, and part of some other javascript ajax definition). Is
that true?

What I am trying to accomplish with code similar to this

function urlGetStatus(page) {
var params, xhr, e;
xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
xhr.open("GET", page, true);
return xhr.status;

Is to test if a given web page is available, during the time the xds
document is processed.
It gives me the following error. (Could probably suppress the error
with a catch, but I wanted to see why it always said false)

DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \CORPMETA\dk\services\idm\Driver Set\LBWEBUP301
Channel: Subscriber
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9131) Error in
: Error evaluating XPATH expression
'token-xpath("es:urlGetStatus($lEncodedUrl)")' :
com.novell.xml.xpath.XPathEvaluationException: ReferenceError:
"XMLHttpRequest" is not defined.

Are there any other ways of seeing if a certain webpage is available
during the processing of an xds document?
And.... if so, can someone drop me a hint (or event better a complete
piece of code :-) )?